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Book Review - ESSENTIAL OF ENDODONTICS (2nd Edition)
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By: Dr. Vimal K Sikri

Book Review - ESSENTIAL OF ENDODONTICS (2nd Edition)

Endodontics, being a dynamic subject, need upgradation on periodic basis; coupled with incorporating wishes of the readers. The present edition in your hands is the outcome on the basis of suggestions of my friends pursuing Endodontics and all my student interested in the subject.

Tremendous changes have occurred since the first edition was published; both in our understanding of the basic biology of the disease process as well as the development of techniques and gadgets used in Endodontic therapy. The focus of second edition is primarily to update the text incorporating all the advances in materials, instruments, and techniques, which have revolutionized Endodontics in the past couple of years; and also add valued knowledge to biological/ biocompatible approach in the treatment phase. Recently, advances in microbial dynamics and understanding of nuances of root canal variations, has made endodontic prognosis more predictable.

The present edition is thoroughly updated. A few new chapters are added, viz. Drugs used in Endodontics, Endodontic case selection, Ethics in Endodontics, etc. Another few chapters are bifurcated, expanding text and figures, vis-a-vis the developments in the subject. The important sub-subjects are summarized in boxes for ready reference of the readers. Many line diagrams and clinical photographs are added in every chapter for easy understanding of the text. The language of the text, as usual, is kept lucid and simple.

Summarily, the book will be an asset for the under graduate and post graduate students as well as teachers and practitioners interested in the subject of ‘Endodontics’.