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Instructions For Editorial Board Members

Most journals are operated and managed under the guidance of Editorial Board, by providing expert suggestions on content, attract new authors and submissions. The Editorial Board or Advisory Board is a team of experienced individuals in the journal's field. Journal Editor(s) with the opinion from publisher select Editorial Board Members (EBM). Editorial Boards undergo complete revision after two years, and analyze the members joining, leaving or ongoing for another term. To become an EBM you must meet the criteria of Scientific Editors Selection Committee and are interested to join an all-volunteer committee of Editors. We are in process of selecting and distinguishing better EBM who act in the advisory role.

What is the Criteria to Become an Editorial Board Member?

  1. You should have a PhD or advanced degree to be a part of Editorial Board Members.
  2. Also, have a publication track record (h-index>8).
  3. Preferably you should have an academic editing experience.
  4. You have to disclose the level of expertise at the time of application.

How to Apply as Editorial Board Member?

For most of the Journals published by Science Range Publications, we are continuously receiving and accepting applications from senior scientists and PhD scholars to become part of Editorial board.

  1. To Join Editorial Board of specific Journal, create an account at Science Range Publications or login with your existing account where you are already providing your services as the reviewer. Or visit that specific Journal at www.scirange.com.
  2. Click on Apply for Editorial Board Member option and enter some details about yourself in Biography and provide the List of Publications in the application form.
  3. Editorial Board Selection Committee will approve you to become an active part of EB.
  4. Editors are acknowledged for their services by actively playing their role in betterment and development of Journal.

You can be EBM of multiple Journals but be specified according to the area of expertise. Please e-mail at support@scirange.com for any query or assistance.