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Why Choose Us?

Science Range Publications (SciRange) is a scientific publisher, intends to serve the scientific community by allowing their researchers to publish, referenced, read, and cited their works with the best publishing environment. Science Range publishes peer-reviewed, high-quality articles, conference articles not only in electronic format but also in print form. Our mission is to serve authors, reviewers, editors, and readers by providing them a powerful platform in which they publish their high-quality articles and to be recognized in best-reputed journals. Science Range Publications fully endorses all stated goals of the movement, and these are mentioned below:

Ease of Submission

Submission of the manuscript in Science Range Publications is so easy and simple, and formatting demands only after acceptance of article not at the time of initial submission.

Open Access

The Open Access Journals are found on this platform with the aim to provide scientific literature immediately, worldwide, accessible of research articles full form, and to disseminate most recent updates in Science, Technology, Medicine, Nutrition, and Engineering fields.


Manuscripts are processed, analyzed and evaluated by experienced Editors and Reviewers who have expertise in their fields.

Rapid Publication

Science Range Publications provides the fastest way to publish your manuscripts. We also offer Fast Track publication for time-sensitive manuscripts. Normally Science Range Publications takes 6 weeks from submission to online publication.

Lifetime Hosting

Science Range Publications provides secure, quick, and reliable services. We are so confident that you will love our lifetime hosting because user satisfaction is our number one priority.

Global Reach and Discoverability

The metrics of the article shows your personal research impact in the scientific community and beyond. Science Range Publications helps you in the availability of article in world's most respected journals and giving you a global reach.

Professionally Written Editorial Summaries

Assist each original research article, and make available your article to the scientific community in which concisely communicates that why the article is crucial.

Free Indexing Service and Wide Visibility

Recent analysis shows that open access publications result in wide visibility and citation of your research. Additionally, the article will be included in leading indexing and abstracting services, which includes Google Scholar and Web of Science.

Global Promotion of Your Research

Science Range Publications promotes journal content regularly across scirange.com network, through Science Range Publications subject pages as well as via social media. It promotes its content to wide and varied audiences.

Search Engine Friendly

Science Range Publications provides search engine friendly data. It ensures simple and readable content.