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International Research Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences is a peer-reviewed, online, open access international multi-disciplinary journal published by Science Range Publications which covers all aspects of Animal and Veterinary Sciences. It is to be published quarterly. Full text of articles is freely available from Here. IRJAVS aims to cover the biology of animals and with the scientific understanding of how animals work: Physiology and Biochemistry of tissues, Major organ systems, Structure and function of biomolecules and cells, Growth, Reproduction, Nutrition and lactation of farm and companion animals and how these processes may be optimized to improve animal reproductivity, health, and welfare, Animal Husbandry and Breeding, Pathology, Transgenic Animal Production, Animal Parasitology, Veterinary Medicine, Meat Science, Modeling Animal Systems.   International Research Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences is receiving new submissions. All articles must be prepared in English and submit your article by visiting Online Submission System.

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