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Assistant ProfessorMr. FAYAJ LATIF PATHAN

Professor Fayaj L.Pathan is Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology at MIT Art, Design and Technology University, Pune India. He obtained Bachelor of Science in agriculture at Mahatma Phule Agriculture University, Rahuri, India and a Master of Science in Food Science and Technology at Mahatma Phule Agriculture University, Rahuri, India,and Master of Science in Total Quality Management at Sikkim Manipal University, India. He is Pursuing Ph.D. in Food Science from Institute of Chemical Technology,Mumbai, India. He is working as Food Manufacturing (level-II) Advance trainer and assessor for FoSTaC an initiative of FSSAI For his teaching excellence at MIT College of Food Technology, the management of MIT Art, Design and Technology University, Pune presented him Best Teacher Award and Citation of Honor in Teacher’s Day Celebration on 5th Sept. 2017.He serves as an Editorial board member and review board member of more than 5 international Journals.

Area of Interest :

Food Science

Academic Information :

Ph.D. (pursuing) --- Food Science

M.Sc. (2002) --- (Agri.) Food Science & Technology

Associated Jounals
International Research Journal of Food and Nutrition Editorial Board Member
List of Publications
  1. “Preparation of Wine from Jamun (Syzigium cumini L.)Juice.” Beverage and Food World, July 2011, Page No.28-32.
  2. Pulses: Nutritious seeds for a sustainable future. BAOJ Nutrition 2016, 2: 3: 019
  3. Role of Dietary Administration and Physical Activities in Controlling Diabetes. EC Nutrition Volume 9 Issue 5 - 2017.


Text Books

  1. Principles of Food Preservation & Food Microbiology. Subject Code:18072. Yashasvi Institute of Technology.
  2. Processing of Oil and Snack Food Industry. Subject Code:18073. Yashasvi Institute of Technology.
  3. Principles of Food Engineering. Subject Code:18074. Yashasvi Institute of Technology.
  4. Chemistry and Biochemistry of Food. Subject Code: 18075. Yashasvi Institute of Technology.
  5. Dairy Technology. Subject Code : 18076. Yashasvi Institute of Technology.
  6. Food Hygiene & Sanitation. Subject Code: 18077. Yashasvi Institute of Technology.
  7. Cereals, Spices and Flavour Industry. Subject Code: 18091. Yashasvi Institute of Technology.
  8. Fruit and Vegetable Industry. Subject Code: 18093. Yashasvi Institute of Technology.
  9. Quality Control and Analytical Tech. Subject Code: 18094. Yashasvi Institute of Technology.
  10. Fermentation Industry. Subject Code: 18092. Yashasvi Institute of Technology.