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Dr. Chukwuma Emmanuel Chibundo is currently working as Secretary at Postgraduate School, Faculty of Engineering, NAU and Departmental ICT Representative at Agric. and Bioresources Engineering. He completetd his Post Doc in 2019 from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, Selangor Malaysia and PhD. in Environmental Engineering in 2017 from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria. He published 32 articles in national and international journals. He is member of American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE), Nigeria Institute of Agricultural Engineers (NIAE), Nigeria Society of Engineers American Association for Science and Technology and Registered Professional Engineer with Council for the Regulations of Engineering. He attended number of conferences and workshops. 

Area of Interest :

Renewable Energy Systems, Geospatial Technology and Location Modelling, Water Quality Modelling, Climate Change

Academic Information :

Post-Doc. --- 2019
Ph.D. (2017) --- Environmental Engineering

Associated Jounals
International Research Journal of Food and Nutrition Editorial Board Member
List of Publications
  1. E. C. Chukwuma, 2019. Facility Location Allocation Modelling for Bio-Energy System in Anambra State of Nigeria: Integration of GIS and Location Model. Elsevier Journal of Renewable Energy; 141:460-467.
  2. E. C. Chukwuma, C. O. Orakwe, B. O. Ugwuishiwu, O. A. Nwoke, E. C. Igbokwe, 2018. GIS Hotspot Application And Use Of Set-Cover Problem For Centralized Abattoir Biogas Plant Treatment Facilities In Anambra State Of Nigeria. Agric. Eng. International. CIGR Journal Open access; 20(4): 63-68.
  3. Chukwuma, C. E, Ndrika, V.I.O and Chukwumuanya, E. O, 2018. Economic Viability of Bio-Energy Plants for Location Analysis in Parts of Anambra State of Nigeria. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences; 13(1): 40-53.
  4. Chukwumuanya, E. O, Ihueze, C. C. and Chukwuma, E. C., 2018. Theoretical Design of a Non-Energy Recovery Incinerator for Awka Municipality. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences; 13(1): 154-166.
  5. Chukwuma, E. C, Nwajinka, C. O. Orakwe, L. C. Odoh, C. C., 2018. GIS-Based Estimate of GHG Emission from Livestock in Anambra State of Nigeria. Biotechnology Journal International; 21(2): 1-8.
  6. L. C. Orakwe and E. C. Chukwuma, 2017. Multivariate analysis of ground water characteristics of Ajali sandstone formation: A case study of Udi and Nsukka LGAs of Enugu State of Nigeria. Elsevier Journal of African Earth Sciences; 129: 668-674.
  7. E. C. Chukwuma, L. C. Orakwe, D. C. Anizoba and A. I. Manumehe, 2016. Spatial Statistics of Poultry Production in Anambra State of Nigeria: A Preliminary for Bio-Energy Plant Location Modelling. Nigerian Journal of Technology (NIJOTECH); 35(4): 940 – 948.
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  13. Okoro, A.C, Chukwuma, G.O, Chukwuma, E.C, Ugwu, I.E, 2015. Distribution Of Heavy Metals And Other Physico-chemical Properties Of Soil At Automobile Mechanic villages, Imo State. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research; 6(2)1196-1208.
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  15. Anizoba, D. C. Chukwuma, G. O. Chukwuma, E.C., Chinwuko, E. C., 2015. Determination of Aquifer Characteristics from Geo-electrical Sounding data in parts of Anambra State, Nigeria. International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies; 11(4): 832-843.
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  18. J. N. Chukwuma, V. C. Nnodu, A. C. Okoye and E. C. Chukwuma, 2014. Assessment of Roof Harvested Rainwater in Parts of Anambra State for Environmental Pollution Monitoring. British Biotechnology Journal; 4(10): 1105-1114.
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