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Dr. Tanmoy Sarkar is currently doing his PhD in Fruits and Orchard Management. During Masters, he have studied on pollen viability, nature of pollination and fruit set in guava, and concluded that the guava is mainly cross pollinated crop but self pollination also occurs, and found that bees are the main role as pollinator of guava. Currently,he is working on the genetic divergence and molecular characterization of guava in West Bengal along with Candidate gene approach for pulp colour of guava. He published many articles in different journals.

Area of Interest :

Fruits and Orchard Management

Academic Information :

Ph.D (Pursuing) --- Fruits and Orchard Management

M.Sc (2015) --- Fruits and Orchard Management

Associated Jounals
International Research Journal of Food and Nutrition Editorial Board Member
List of Publications
  1. Sarkar Tanmoy, Sarkar S.K., Sarkar Tapas and Sau Sayan. 2016. Growth and Yield Attributes of Guava (Psidium guajava L.) varieties under West Bengal Condition. Int J of Agri Sci, 8(61): 3499-3501.
  2. Tanmoy Sarkar, S.K.Sarkar and Sathish Vangaru. 2018. Effect of sucrose and boric acid on in-vitro pollen germination of guava (Psidium guajava) varieties. Advances in research, 15(1): 1-9, 2018.
  3. Sanjay Kumar, Tanmoy Sarkar and B.C. Banik. 2017. Efficacy of Different Mulching Materials On Growth, Yield And Quality Parameters Of Strawberry (Fragaria × Ananassa Duch.) Cv. Sweet Charlie Under Protected Condition. The Bioscan (Supplement on Agronomy). 12(2): 1041-1045.
  4. Sanjay Kumar, Tanmoy Sarkar and S.K. Sarkar. 2018. Protected Cultivation of Strawberry cv. Winter Dawn Influence By Different Mulching Materials. Crop and Weed Science. 14(1): 59-64.
  5. Dutta P., K. Das, T. Sarkar. Md. A. Hasan, and Kundu S. 2014. Exogenous application of polyamine on fruit quality of guava cv. L-49 grown in new alluvial zone of West Bengal, The Horticultural Journal, 1&2: 28.
  6. Sayan Sau, Sukamal Sarkar, Tanmoy Sarkar, Tapas Sarkar and Bikash Ghosh. 2016. Influential role of biozyme on yield, leaf nutrient and quality of guava (Psidium Guajava) cv. Allahabad Safeda. The Bioscan (Supplement on Agronomy). 11(4): 2679-2682.
  7. Sayan Sau, Pallab Datta, Tanmoy Sarkar and Sukamal Sarkar, 2018. Impact of Low Doses of Gamma Irradiation on Off-Season Guava at Ambient Storage Condition. Int J of  Cur Micro and Applied Sci. 7: (1): 295-307.
  8. Sarkar Tapas, Joshi Veena, Sarkar Tanmoy and Sau Sayan. 2016. Effect of Post Harvest Treatments on Shelf Life and Quality of Banana cv. Grand Naine. Int J of Agri Sci, 8(61):  3505-3509.
  9. Tapas Sarkar, Sayan Sau, Veena Joshi, Tanmoy Sarkar and Sukamal Sarkar. 2017. Effect of Modified and Active Packaging on Shelf Life and Quality of banana cv. Grand Naine. The Bioscan, 12(1): 95-100.
  10. Tanmoy Sarkar, Sanvar Mal Choudhary, Ramkumar Dewangan, Sanjay Kumar and S.K.Sarkar. 2018. Production of Off Season Guava Through Branch Bending. Marumegh. 3(2):39-39.
  11. Sarkar Tanmoy. 2018. Guava Fruit: A Rich Source of Antioxidant. Acta Scientific Agriculture, 2(5): 01.
  12. Tanmoy Sarkar, Ramkumar Dewangan, Sanjay Kumar, Sanvar Mal Chaudhury, S.K. Sarkar. 2017. Impact of global warming on fruit Crops in India. Innovative Farming, 2(3): 148-153.


Book Chapters

  1. Tanmoy Sarkar, D. Sridhar and S.K. Sarkar, 2018. Post-Harvest Management, Processing and value addition of guava, In: Advances in post harvest management, processing and value addition of horticultural crops. Today & Tomorrow’s Printers and Publishers. pp.188-201.
  2.  Durgam Sridhar, Tanmoy Sarkar and Velpula Ashok. 2018. Post-Harvest Management, Processing and value addition of Jamun. In: Advances in post harvest management, processing and value addition of horticultural crops. Today & Tomorrow’s Printers and Publishers. pp. 223-240.